Are you ready to step into your OWN Narrative?

In this month’s newsletter we would like to share our thoughts on a theme that influences all of us in our daily lives : how to discern truth in all the stories that we encounter…?

We are living in a time when it is harder and harder to believe anything we see in the media. A time when technologies are writing thoughts for us, and are creating made-up videos which do not represent reality, and the AI is capable of making narratives of its own. Some have qualified this as an epoch of “reality wars”.

Within this context, we are being initiated into taking full ownership of the narrative and the reality that we wish to support and to embody. This is a huge opportunity and a great responsibility, as we engage the power of our sovereignty to make new, original, inspiring, creative, empowering narratives – for ourselves and for all of humanity! Imagine how much our world will change when we all take back our story!

Healing & transforming traumatic storylines

An essential part of the process of coming into higher perception is healing & transforming traumatic storylines that unconsciously shape our lives. If you are connected to Mary Magdalene’s School, then you are most likely committed to shifting out of the Armageddon Timeline – the timeline of Involutive Consciousness and Inverted Realities. Previously unconsciously held traumas are coming more and more to the surface as we move into fields that hold lighter frequencies. All of these traumas are surfacing in order to liberate ourselves into a life of transparency, truth, based in personal honor.

Comparing reality & fiction

On the outside, it is evermore difficult to know what is reality and what is fiction. And actually, when we study this deeper, we come to realize that there are some similarities & differences between “reality” and “fiction” that stand to be illuminated. 

From our point of view, both are issued from imagination. However, what we call “reality” is issued from a dream connected to organic Source-based, heart consciousness. It is a dream that becomes manifested in our reality, and it supports all of creation. 

When something is “fictional”, it is illusionary. It is a reality that has been imagined by the mind, but is disconnected from the heart, therefore making it separated from reality. For this reason, it is incoherent, because it is fragmented. It is not in alignment with Source-based evolutionary consciousness.  

Heart-based creation is a type of creation that honors Spirit-based, biological consciousness, the consciousness of the heart & soul, and it is connected to all of creation. Creations from the mind, which are disconnected from the heart, are not issued from a space of wholeness, or in other words, Holiness, as they are literally “disconnected”.

Stories are the basis of our creation

Stories are the inspiration for our hero or heroine’s journey. When a story inspires us, we know it. When a story disempowers us, we also know it. Stories can bring us together and they can also bring us apart. 

Ancient narratives that have dominated mainstream thought patterns are breaking down. This is extremely disorienting for most people who have relied on these narratives for stability in their lives. AND it is an invitation to exit someone else’s story and to fully enter our own creation story! Are you ready for that?!

We are in an initiatic moment. It is a time to question, and to question profoundly. 

  • Why do I have THIS thought? 
  • Do I REALLY BELIEVE this thought? 
  • Do I WANT to believe this thought? 
  • Do I RESONATE with this thought? 
  • Does this thought EMPOWER ME and others? 
  • Does this thought DISEMPOWER me and others?
  • Is this thought actually TRUE????

Who creates the stories we are living?

Mainstream narratives have been architectured by certain forces, with their own mission and agenda. The majority of these narratives find their roots in ancient patriarchial, power-over-people frameworks. 

But it is important to understand that ALL narratives are architectured, at one level or another. They are put into circulation, either from a lower or a higher vibrational consciousness. The gift of this time is that pressure is rapidly mounting to question previously accepted narratives that we have for so long taken for granted.

This pressure serves as an invitation to take back ownership of our minds and our spiritual power. It is an invitation to become coherent with ourselves.  

As we individually and collectively move into the next phase of creation, we are being asked to study our thoughts carefully –Are they false? Are they true? Are they limiting? Where do they originate?

How can I tell the difference?!

We would suggest you weed out thoughts that are disempowering. Thoughts that create separation, for instance, are inherently disempowering. Thoughts that create enemies,  thoughts in which we belittle ourselves or others. thoughts suggesting that we are incapable of X, Y, or Z, ….  are disempowering. And the list goes on and on…

What do I do when I have a perception that is based in separation? 

I can sit down to meditate on how that thought can evolve so that it becomes an inclusive thought and makes space for all of creation. This is not a purely mental process, and it is often easier said than done. This is a wholistic process that engages the entirety of our being. Such a process can also be done with therapeutic guidance. And we know we have come full circle with our process when we feel a sense of peace and completitude. 

We are issued from cultures in which many narratives are rooted in illusion, and these narratives have held us stuck in the perception of separation – in disconnection with our full divine expression and intimacy with ourselves, leading to estrangement with others. Changing a baseline perception rooted in separation may take weeks, months or even years. It requires focus & dedication and discipline to move out of the old narrative to fully step into your own.

The process of sublimation

All of reality is based on perception. All of perception is based on our consciousness. It is our consciousness that creates our material reality. As we move into higher realms of love and light, our consciousness and perception is inevitably changing. This is what we call the sublimation process, which happens at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. 

Re-shaping perception to align with our deepest truth

We invite you in the times to come to pay special attention to the narratives that shape your perception. Be especially alert when you hear yourself say: 

“That is just how it always is in my life/how I always did it” (but it doesn’t make me happy/joyful…); 

“My parents/family members did it the same way” (yet I am suffering or lacking abundance in the same way as they did); 

“Everybody does it like that”; 

“That person knows better then I do” …   AND SO MANY MORE IN LIKE KIND,…

Take the time to discern whether a narrative is yours or if you have appropriated it AS IF it were your own. Take time to deeply examine the narrative and see and feel if it is aligned with your deepest truths – truths based in love, unity, harmony, peace, joy, creativity, abundance, cooperation, brother- and sisterhood. 

And when a narrative inside of yourself does not hold these elements, take time to meditate. Make an intention to transmute the story into one that is good for all. Then meditate on how the narrative you are holding can transform so that all the above elements are present. 

And when you reach a point in which all these elements are present, then share it with everyone around you! In these times, it is important that we inspire each other, and help each other envision a beautiful future – seeing, sensing, feeling and being the New World we dream of!

Have a beautiful month of July!


Anna & Petra

Mary Magdalene’s School for Remembrance & Unity Consciousness