Apotheosis of the Inner Waters
A Special Intensive Program for the Elevation of Humankind

Global Intensive 7-Day Online Program

The waters gift us with their wisdom and mystery of Life during our times of awakening.
Indeed they hold the memory of LIFE.

The Universal Waters are the Waters of Life and they have been here since the origin of Gaia. The waters invite us to co-create with them, and this divine creativity is necessary to humanity’s future on earth.

The Inner and Outer Waters of Gaia can bring us purification, healing, activation, renewed sacred geometry, communication with and revivification of, the flow of the inner & outer waters.

This program is a unique offering from Mary Magdalene’s School and includes meditations & transmissions, a healing journey to the Temple of the One Heart, videos with teachings on water, and written materials for contemplation.

Living waters hold the memory of earth history – they are a living medical cabinet, an apothecary that we are still learning to use. Our consciousness is expanding in order to fully embrace the fact that we ARE this living apothecary, and everything we need for healing already resides within us.

Join this 7-day special program to remember the healing powers stored in our inner and outer WATERS and to hold and amplify the Light Field of Creation on Earth!

Through our water system, we can connect to all consciousness on Gaia, as water is the fluid that connects all life on this magnificent planet.

As we move into greater coherency, simplify our perceptive state, and move into alignment with our natural, inherent healing capacities, our biology will follow our knowingness that we are divine beings incarnated into physical bodies.

In this program, we share our understandings on the following topics:

• The Element of Water
• Memory of Universal Water
• Waters & Vibrational Resonance
• Inner Waters & Outer Waters
• Using our Water Apothecary for Healing
• Sublimating the Human System through DNA Activation & Restructuring
• Elevating Ourselves to Divine Status

Outline of the 7 days

DAY 1 – Video Mystery School Tradition + Introductory Video + Meditation
DAY 2 – Video #1: Teachings on Water
DAY 3 – Meditation
DAY 4 – 1h Meditation-Transmission (recording from a live session)
DAY 5 – Video #2: Teachings on Water
DAY 6 – Healing Journey
DAY 7 – 1.5h Q&A, Meditation-Transmission (recording from a live session) 

*Those who would like to do this program over a longer period of time are absolutely welcome, as the program is designed to be temporally flexible.

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