Aligning with the never-ending expansion of consciousness within yourself!

We are in a never-ending dance with ever-changing consciousness, and as consciousness moves through us like a river runs through a valley, so too is our perception naturally ever-changing.

To align means to arrange in straight line or to bring into cooperation or agreement; in this case consciousness.

Being in agreement or aligning with ever changing and expanding consciousness is a natural and healthy state of being.

Sometimes, we can experience an anxiety or tension in our being. This may be an indicator that our perception has become too small & too limited, and an invitation to internally re-adjust to come into a new, expanded understanding within our perception of life. These slight tensions that move through our being are in some way navigation points, nudging us to re-focus and realign.

We invite you to take the time to be with the subtle informational field that you inhabit all the time, and to go inside and explore, again and again… to make this a part of your daily rhythm, like breathing!

This exploration can be done with excitement and gratitude!

How will you realign today?
What will the ever-expanding consciousness reveal to you in this moment?

Mary Magdalene’s School for Remembrance and Unity Consciousness