Our relationship with Mary Magdalene

Our relationship with MARY MAGDALENE

Though we have read many books on Mary Magdalene, we cannot claim to be either academics or historians. We are spiritual beings evolving with the collective human family on the Earth Plane at this time, and we have been asked to transmit what we have learned, and what we continue to learn. Through this commitment, we receive many teachings from the realms of the light. One of our important guides for decades has been Mary Magdalene, and she has directly taught us many things at many levels of the divine multi-plane universe about Union with the Divine.

 We feel that developing a relationship to an ascended master or light being is a very special and important thing to do. The more committed we are to the relationship, the deeper we come to understand the other. At a certain moment, the consciousness can fuse into ONE and there is no longer any difference between us. Mary Magdalene is coming back strongly into the collective consciousness at this time, because it is time that her messages are integrated. She is here to support humanity’s shift into the higher realms of consciousness and full liberation of our innate potential.

Each and every one of us will develop his/her individual relationship to her and she will support us in this exciting, long-awaited step in our evolution. She will baptize us, so that we are fully impelled, directed by Holy Spirit, by the most sacred energies that have for so long been evasive and rare. She will accompany us in the unfolding of our Christ Light, in the amplification of the Christ Consciousness that resides in each and every one of us. She is by our side, helping midwife us in this birth into our new form – into our Christed Selves.

You may find yourself embodying her energy, you may find yourself channelling her messages, you may find yourself receiving healings, guidance and teachings. Each and every one of you will receive from her what you are prepared to receive at this time. We encourage you to be as open as possible, to intentionally affirm that you are opening to the maximum of your possibility at this time, willing to let go of old holding patterns, for your highest path and for the benefit of all life on Earth and in our Galaxy.

By joining forces, we become an insuppressible, unstoppable assemblage of love, light, truth, peace and joy for this Earth experience!


Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School