Who we are


We are all, men and women, part of the lineage of the Magdalenes, and play our unique role in this working spiritual community, a community of lightworkers, which is able to focus its intention collectively by listening to the guidance of the heart. Our mission is to bring love, light, joy and peace into the Earth plane. We live from the belief that all which manifests is first created on the energetic planes, in order to reveal itself some time later in physical reality.

We focus our hearts in the space of unconditional love. As part of this community, we grow together in our understanding and use of creation mechanisms. As we work together, we gain greater and greater understanding of our power to align with the Earth as the paradise it was coded to be.

Collectively, we have the power to create miracles at a planetary level!





Born in The Netherlands, Petra was gifted with a strong connection to, and understanding of, the subtle realms, Petra knows the invisible world as some know the visible. For over 25 years, as a Hearts Leader, she led organizations and projects from the essence of the Heart’s wisdom of Unity.

She is guided, awakened by, and embodies the presence of Mary Magdalene. She incarnates Lemurian consciousness and teaches this knowledge, inviting humanity to step to a new level of Earth life anchored in inner and outer peace, harmony and Oneness. Petra had a longterm dream of a school (NostraSofia) in which consciousness work was the basis for creating a New Era. She has a deep wisdom connected to Gaia, to the visible and invisible worlds of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. As a myrrhophore, she creates Xrysma anointing oils, sacred oils that serve as ascension tools. The life and death of her Lemurian twin soul awakened her to the realm of Divine Oneness and to her purpose in life. It is her heart’s deepest wish to lead humanity back to into the Unified Field, and to help humans remember their divine powers through golden rainbow consciousness.

Aside from her Business and Marketing degrees, she has studied Nature Medicine, Phytotherapy, Etheric Oils, Reflexology, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Reiki, and Energetic Healing. She has also undergone training and initiations through several Mystery Schools, through Trinfinity Academy and has participated in workshops such as Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening of the Illuminated Heart. She now lives both in The Netherlands and in France (Vézelay). 



A born visionary, teacher, healer, and community builder, Anna worked in her early years as a pianist and multi-disciplinary artist in Canada, her birth country. Upon moving to Prague in 1990, she joined the post-1989 spiritual revolution of Eastern Europe. With the support of many spiritual masters, she began to remember her healing and teaching abilities, working with multidimensional, intergalactic awareness, ascended masters, angels, dragons and many other galactic and inner earth light beings.

Over her lifetime she received training in, and has practiced, various healing modalities  – One Brain Kinesiology, Body Code, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Healing with Christ Energies, Shamanic work, and Sound Healing. She has also received many initiations by Sri Kaleshwar and through the inner realms by the Order of Melchizedek, the Arcturians, the guardians of the sacred flames, as well as in many inner earth temples.

In Prague, she co-founded and guided many community projects, such as the creation of the Library for Women’s Wisdom, The MA Women’s Circle, the Spiritual Women’s Circle 11 Taras, and the Forest School Zeme ZeMe. In 2002 she cofounded the NGO Prameni o.p.s, dedicated to promoting Human Potential through the Arts, Education and Spirituality.  At the present time she lives in Vézelay, France, where she is on the board of a regional healer’s association.  Her vision is to reconnect people with their divine light and with the deepest desires of their sacred hearts, the realm of miracle consciousness.



Petra and Anna’s meeting in Vézelay

they are asked to gather a community who has been awaiting this Golden Era…

Both Anna and Petra were called to live in Vézelay, France. This is a place of pure Love and Light to be experienced by your heart. All who visit feel the loving presence of Mary Magdalene and her beloved Yeshua, independent of one’s religious background. Petra and Anna met in 2016 through a friend and they became neighbors.

Since that moment the field has shifted intensely for them. They spend much time doing spiritual work together and with their community in the surroundings of Vézelay and Avallon. They have lived through important moments of healing and shifting consciousness.

The whole universe exists within – we are infinitely powerful, spiritual beings


“When I climbed “the eternal hill of Vézelay” (La Colline Eternelle) for the first time in 2000, I was deeply touched by this precious power spot in Burgundy, France. It is a place with a rich history of pilgrimage and spirituality and has attracted many people over the centuries. In this sacred place where Mary Magdalene is patron saint, one feels how she and her beloved Yeshua, in their inner blueprint of Oneness, are omnipresent. This is a place of purity of Love and Light that can only be experienced in your heart. Since the year 2000, I visited this magical place many, many times, and eventually it became my home. I invite people from around the world to discover this place where they say that Heaven touches the Earth. ” – Petra

Indeed, Vézelay is a power spot used by druids in the ancient times, and by many spiritual groups throughout the millennia. This spot supports the process of awakening and facilitates an experience of the new dimensions of the Earth through the portal of the sacred heart. Vézelay is a heart center of France and Europe. It is a Venus stargate, a portal for intergalactic travel and a portal to the inner Earth realms and the Earth Libraries. Recently, an etheric Venus Temple was erected and it is open to all who are interested in benefitting from its divine, loving energies.


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