Mary Magdalene’s School  

for Remembrance and Unity Consciousness

Welcome to Mary Magdalene’s School! We are so honored to have you visit our website and take an interest in our international activities. Please feel welcome to share or contact us!

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What we Do

Remembrance of our True Essence is fundamental to awaken into Unity Consciousness

We are committed to the liberation of human consciousness, in order to collectively create a reality aligned with Cosmic Intelligence and respect for and union with Mother Earth. We see individual enlightenment as the necessary building block to creating a peaceful enlightened society.

We were guided to name this School after Mary Magdalene as a symbol of Oneness, and she overlights all the activities of the school and guides our work when necessary. 

 Remembering your True Nature is the point at which you begin to really live

We work in the presence of many Light beings on planet Earth, in our galaxy and beyond. Mary Magdalene and Yeshua are two of these beings and they are often present in our work. All the Light beings are portals through which we access our unlimited potential, for the purposes of manifesting Heaven on Earth across the entire planet.





Meditations, Transmissions and Initiations
led by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen

The meditations we offer are guided, initiatic journeys in which we remember our most original consciousness, our multi dimensional being, and through which we re-activate innate inner capacities. In these journeys and realms, we discover, remember and heal. We enter the field of miracles and co-create new timelines with Gaia.



When two or more hearts truly come together, the alchemy gives birth to miracles.

We believe that in community, mutual inspiration, engage-ment, and connection is expanded. We move into a creativity, love and exploration that is the foundation of our humanity, and become unsurpassable manifestors on Earth.



Remembrance of our True Essence is fundamental to awaken into Unity Consciousness.

The education program is aimed at awakening the Sacred Heart and reconnecting to the True Self. From this True Essence, we use multi-dimensional exploration to ever-expand our consciousness, and to bring concrete solutions to the material plane of Earth.



A holistic exploration and spiritual revelation for finding new ways of living on Earth

We are an international network of spiritual teachers, researchers, students and participants committed to the revelation and manifestation of the New Earth through connection to our True Essence. From the field of unlimited potential, we bring new understandings and manifestations to the Earth Plane. Within the MM School we define research as an area of holistic exploration and spiritual revelation, for finding new ways of living on Earth.




You will find the dates of our meditations, online gatherings, workshops and retreats in Vézelay in this calendar. Anna and Petra are committed to working with present-moment energies and information. The calendar is updated regularly.



We open ourselves to doing this work, fully aware that we are completely dependent on the financial donations of those participating in this process. Our work can only continue through the financial generosity of each and every one of you, and every small amount helps us to evolve our service to the world.